Upcoming ISS flyovers

Great passes coming up next week.
Posted at 6:02 PM, Jan 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-16 18:02:24-05

The International Space Station will make a number of passes over the Commonwealth in the coming days. If you don't mind braving the bitter cold, there will be some pretty great flyovers early next week.

The first flyover in the series comes Friday evening. You'll have to quick. The pass will last less than a minute as the ISS blinks low in the southern sky. Clouds also won't be in our favor ahead of a developing system that will bring widespread rain showers on Saturday.

Sunday's pass will be a little better. Skies will be clearing. This flyover will last a total of three minutes. You'll want to look at the southern horizon.

After two poor to decent viewing opportunities, we'll be treated flyovers that will peak directly overhead Monday and Wednesday evenings. Monday's pass will begin low in the southwestern sky just after 6:30 PM before disappearing five minutes later near the eastern horizon. Wednesday's flyover will follow a similar trajectory. The only challenge early next week will be the bitterly cold temperatures. We are expecting three consecutive days beginning on Sunday where temperatures won't reach the freezing mark. Wednesday will feel a little better after coming off an afternoon high in the lower 40s.

So what will you see? The International Space Station will be a small blinking bright spot that quickly moves across the evening sky.