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Organizers of $25,000 Utah Treasure Hunt release first clue

The 5th annual Utah Treasure Hunt is underway as participants solve clues for a big money prize.
Bryce National Park Utah
Posted at 3:32 PM, Jun 19, 2024

The search is on for a treasure chest hidden somewhere in Utah — and whoever finds it first gets $25,000.

People from all over will gather in the state as they follow a series of hints in an attempt to locate the chest. The contest is open to anyone wanting to participate.

Organizers for the Utah Treasure Hunt — now in its fifth year — have officially unveiled their first clue.

The clue is a poem written in Spanish:

Utah treasure hunt clue is a poem in Spanish

“Si sufres dolor que se cura con oro
Busca el atajo donde canta el coro

Encuentra el lugar por el cual se nombra

Dale la vuelta y sigue la sombra

¿dónde aprendes a oler el helado?

¿O comimos langostas en el pasado?

Cuando vuelves a mirar el amanecer

Signe derecho, lo puede hacer

Mira los números como si fueras un cuervo

La edad cuando el llegó es lo que observo

Ahora estás cerca, una última pista

Muévete al lugar con la mejor vista”

Organizers David Cline and John Maxim said they will also be dropping hints on their Instagram accounts. The hints will be labeled as such on their Instagram Stories. Clues will also be emailed weekly.

The organizers are encouraging people to have fun and stay safe. They said they chose this year’s location with safety in mind, so participants won’t have to go off a trail, or do any digging or climbing. There should also be cell phone service along the entire route to the chest.

The treasure hunt team is also warning people to beware of wildlife. They said last year, plenty of groups came across rattlesnakes on their hunt.

They are also advising people to stay hydrated and use sunscreen.

Cline and Maxim reminded participants that the hunt is about the journey, and not always about the prize.

“The greatest treasure lies not in gold, but in the thrill of the hunt, the joy of discovery, and the friends ye make along the way. Now, off with ye! The world awaits,” organizers said on the treasure hunt’s website.

To subscribe for weekly hints in the treasure hunts, visit the contest’s website.