Visiting the town where 'The Walking Dead' began

Series Creator and Original Artist are both from Cynthiana
Posted at 10:45 AM, Jul 06, 2019

CYNTHIANA, Ky. (LEX 18) — The popular comic book series 'The Walking Dead' has come to an end.

The 193th issue was the final one. It was a comic that's was read by millions, and inspired a TV show that's been watched by millions.

The first issue of the comic was based in Cynthiana, the hometown of both the comic creator and the original artist.

Signs of 'The Walking Dead' decorate the town many fans thought was fictional.

"That was the comment we got was that, this must be a little made-up town. But no, we're real," said Tomi Clifford.

The evidence is on the cover of the first issue, which depicts Cynthiana's Pike Street.

That's just one part of Cynthiana brought to life by two hometown icons, series creator Robert Kirkman and original artist Tony Moore.

"He loves Cynthiana. He loves Kentucky," said Linda Moore, Tony's mother.

Linda told us that she was always in awe of her son's talent.

"To think that he can do that, with just an image in his head," said Moore.

With a laugh, she admitted she's not into zombies, but it was bittersweet to see the comic end.

"It's been a part of our life for all these years. And just to know that it's getting ready to end, is kind of sad," said Moore.

But their work of love lives on in the town they helped put on the map. Thousands of visitors have come to Cynthiana to see the large mural and the real-life landmarks depicted in the comic,

"And it shows that two small-town guys can do anything they want. And have big dreams, and stuff like that, so it's very cool to see it come full circle," said Clifford.