Nice Weather, But With Fire Danger

Posted at 2:36 PM, Apr 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-11 14:36:50-04

Oh, the difference a day can make. Beautiful sunny skies along with mild temperatures. Today feels great and it only gets better from here! We’re tracking high pressure as it sets up shop across the South and Midwest. As it does, mostly clear skies and warm temperatures will be the norm. We’re heading to the low 60s this afternoon, but we’re warming to the 70s both tomorrow and Friday.

One of the reasons for the boost of warm air is the wind direction and speed. When the wind flows out of the south/southwest we warm up, that’s not a secret. When the wind picks up in speed, like it will for the next two days, then we warm a lot. Wind will be breezy to gusty both Thursday and Friday, especially in the afternoons. This poses two threats to keep in mind. For one, high profile vehicles will have a difficult go on the roads the next few days, especially west-east roads in exposed areas. Also, with the gusty winds and relatively low humidity, fire danger becomes an issue. Outdoor burning is not recommended, both Thursday and Friday. Any fires that do develop will spread rapidly. A FIRE WEATHER WATCH is in effect for Eastern Kentucky Counties through at least Thursday. 

Otherwise, these next few days will be beautiful and a perfect excuse to get outdoors!