Tracking a Messy Monday

Posted at 5:25 PM, Apr 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-15 17:25:39-04

A completely different feel to the air outside can be contributed to today’s cold front. The very same thing that brought temperatures up to 80 a few days ago, and all of the rain this weekend, is now causing us to cool. We started today in the low 60s and we’ll end down near freezing overnight. Showers continue as the line pushes east, but for the most part we’re wrapping up the heaviest of the rain.

The cold front has successfully passed and now temperatures are dropping with the northwesterly wind flow. We’re headed down to near freezing for Monday morning. Along with those colder temperatures will be precipitation. It looks like some flakes will be mixed into our Monday morning showers. Don’t expect much for accumulation. Road surface temperatures will likely remain above freezing, for the most part. Bridges and overpasses may cool briefly to freezing and a minor slush or ice could form. There may be a small collection on the grass or your car, but that’s pretty much going to be the extent of it. Regardless, roads will be slick and slippery for Monday’s morning and midday commute. Scattered showers will continue into the afternoon and will transition back to just rain as temperatures warm. A few late day or early Tuesday morning mix showers are possible as we wrap up the storm system precipitation and temperatures cool one more time. Tuesday morning will be the last of the freezing temperatures for the rest of the 8-day. We warm back to spring-like conditions and keep them through the rest of the work week.