Tracking A Soggy Sunday

Posted at 7:39 AM, Apr 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-15 07:39:12-04

It won’t be the best of Sunday’s as we’re tracking more persistent rain showers. Temperatures are also cooling through the day due to the influence of he cold front passing us. Expect widespread to scattered showers consisting of light to moderate rain. As of now, that’s all we’re dealing with. Keep in mind that roads are going to be slick for any Sunday events you are going to attend.

We’re actually cooling through the day, versus warming after the sun comes up. This is due to the wind shift that will occur as the cold front passes us by. We’re starting near 60 degrees and will drop to near freezing early tomorrow morning. Persistent rain showers will be the primary forecast element as the slow-moving cold front moves by. Winds can still be breezy at times, only adding to hazardous driving conditions. With the rain continuing today, minor flooding is still a concern. Low-lying creeks, streams, rivers and roads will all be susceptible to flooding. Use caution and find a new route if water is covering the roadway. Later today, we could see a few storms get going, but they will mostly be confined to eastern counties. Some locally heavy rainfall, and gusty winds are possible. As temperatures cool to near freezing Monday morning, some of the leftover scattered showers will have snow mixing in. Temperatures are still expected to be too warm at the surface for roads to collect snow, but a slippery morning commute is possible. By the afternoon, temperatures warm enough that the snow showers transition back to rain, and then eventually taper off. Monday will be a lot cooler than where we’ve been, but also blustery. Have a jacket handy. Spring temperatures return starting Tuesday.