Mild and Cloudy for Earth Day

Posted at 6:38 AM, Apr 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-22 06:38:39-04

We’re not losing the mild afternoon temperatures just because of the cloud coverage. We may drop a few degrees, but that’s about it. Earth Day will be a nice outdoor weather day with dry and at times, breezy conditions. Still, not a bad way to wrap up the weekend. Starting tomorrow, we’re tracking the return of rain in a week-long unsettled pattern.

The main culprit for the prolonged stretch of rain will be a pesky low that will take its sweet time moving along. As it sits and spins in the Mississippi and eventually the Ohio River Valleys, it will pull in moisture and dump rain. Showers will be scattered, but more prevalent both Monday and Tuesday. The system will finally be pushed out of the region mid-week, but not before a few scattered showers fall in it’s wrap-up. Between now and the next expected dry day (Thursday) we stand to pick up between 1” to 2” of rainfall. Not exactly flood category rainfall, but with the wet spring so far, I could see some of the streams and creeks rising some. A cold front looks to try to add moisture to the forecast late in the week, but as of now timing and amounts are getting worked out. It’s likely we’ll get a one-day dip in temperatures from this late-week system, but we should bounce back towards the end of the weekend.