Another Cold Shot Sunday Morning

Posted at 9:35 AM, Apr 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-28 09:35:43-04

Temperatures have been temperamental for a long time. So we should be used to the up and down swing by now, right? Maybe not this late into the spring season; still, it does happen. We’re tracking a double shot of cool air that will keep temperatures well below average this weekend, despite the increasing sunshine.

The cooler air yesterday was mainly attributed to a wind shift and pick up. If you were out and about yesterday, you noticed it was cool in the breeze, and at times the breeze was stiff. Today, we actually are getting a mostly dry cold front. Most of us will only know it’s passing due to the increase in clouds and another round of stiff northwesterly breezes. Some sprinkles are possible, especially in northeastern counties. Still, don’t expect much more than to have to (annoyingly) use the “mist” function on your wipers. Cooler air will pour in behind this (nearly) invisible front. Expect that tomorrow, we’ll feel the coolest effect from it. Including a frosty set up in the morning. A FROST ADVISORY will be in effect starting early Sunday and lasting into the late morning. Keep sensitive vegetation indoors, or protect them. This looks to be the last of the frosty stuff for the near future, and hopefully the season! More sunshine and warmth will follow through the work week.