A Nice Mid-Week Change

Posted at 2:03 PM, May 23, 2018

Finally, rain chances are minimal for a while with the passage of the cold front this morning. Slightly cooler, and slightly drier air has moved in place and now things feel better (if only slightly). We’re tracking plenty of sunshine and warmth with only a few decorator clouds in place.

We’re tracking nice weather for a couple of days moving forward. It’s been a while since the words “showers” or “storms” were NOT in the forecast. The long-running summer-like pattern has kept the chance for active weather going. High pressure will keep it at bay for at least a couple of days. You’ll notice today and tomorrow just feel better with the slightly cooler and drier air. As we approach Memorial Day Weekend, rain chances increase as well as humidity, so the summer weather continues. Memorial Day doesn’t look to be a washout, but we will have to dodge showers and storms each day.