Summer Weather for Memorial Day

Posted at 7:08 AM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-28 07:08:28-04

Not much has changed in the forecast. We’re still dealing with the early summer pattern and by “dealing with” I really mean enjoying. Conditions are warm and muggy this morning, and will be hot and humid through the day. Also, expect another chance for storms to develop.

We’re tracking some changes [coming] to the forecast. First, today will feature more cloud coverage. This is a direct result of the extreme outer bands of Subtropical storm Alberto making their way north. This doesn’t mean that we’re getting the rain, however. In fact, the storms we receive today will form from the lower pressure and heating alone. They will, however, move in the opposite direction due to wind flow around Alberto. We’re tracking nice conditions for your Memorial Day, if you stay storm-free. However, if you do find yourself dodging a storm, heavy rain, lightning and gusty winds will be the result. Clouds will continue to increase overnight and by Tuesday, we’re expecting the outer rain bands of Alberto to begin reaching Kentucky. That being said, the structure of the storm does not support as much moisture as a full-fledged tropical system, and therefore we’re not expecting more than a few inches of rain here. Still, the remnants of Alberto will jog onshore this afternoon near Destin, FL and continue to move north and reach Western Kentucky by late tomorrow. It will likely be nothing more than a remnant low, but some of the rain and thunderstorms that form will produce heavy rain at times. Flash flooding is not expected as of now, but there could be minor flood conditions at times with the stronger/persistent showers and storms.