Tracking a “Typical” Summertime Forecast

Posted at 4:42 PM, Jun 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-09 16:42:18-04

Welcome back to summer! Heat, humidity, and storms are back to being the norm around the Bluegrass. Today’s storms were widely scattered and non-severe that blossomed during the afternoon. We are tracking a round of scattered thunderstorms to develop Sunday. The LEX 18 StormTracker Severe Threat Index will remain at a 0. Most of these storms will be "garden-variety" again, however downpours and gusty winds will be possible. By no means will tomorrow be a washout out. In between the storms there will be some sunshine on another warm and humid day. 

Same weather story, different day. Our typical summer set-up of muggy conditions and chances for isolated to scattered storms will continue next week. Storms will become more numerous Monday as a cold front tries to sneak through the Bluegrass. This front won’t do much to help the heat or the humidity. We are tracking highs to remain in the low to mid 80s to start the week. After that things turn down right toasty. We are tracking highs near 90° late next week. There will also be at least a small chance for thunderstorms each day during the work week. Next weekend appears to become slightly less humid, but still warm.