More Heat, More Humidity for Father’s Day

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jun 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-16 18:20:16-04

Hard to believe that despite reaching 90 degrees today, we’re still not as hot as expected for Father’s Day Weekend. We’ll tack on a few more degrees tomorrow as high pressure reaches it’s axis across the Midwest and Southeast. For now, it’s mostly sunny and hot. Humidity is up, but we’re just getting started on that realm too. Tomorrow will be hotter and muggier (if you can imagine).

We’re tracking more heat and humidity for dad’s day. We’ll start off temperatures around 70 degrees in the morning. This doesn’t exactly give us much relief from the heat. Then we warm as soon as the sun us up and we’re on our way to not only breaking 90 degrees but surpassing it by a few. We’re not quite in record territory, but we’re going to be closer to the record high of 99 degrees (1944) than we will be to the seasonal normal temperature of 84. Humidity will ramp up with a southerly wind. Heat index values will soar into the upper 90s or low 100s. The only relief will be a few passing clouds that may produce an isolated shower, but the chances of that remain low. The only relief you’ll really get is shade and/or air conditioning. The heat continues through early next week, before a stormy pattern sets up around Wednesday.