Summer Setup This Weekend

Posted at 5:18 AM, Aug 04, 2018

We’re tracking a calm and quiet morning as we move into the heart of the weekend. Higher atmospheric pressure will help keep us [mostly] free of showers and storms. We’re starting clear on the MaxTrack and in the cloud coverage as well. Temperatures start mild the next couple of mornings, and there could be some river valley fog around.

As we’re getting some needed rest and relaxation this weekend, the rainy pattern takes a break as well. Mostly dry and calm conditions will be the case this weekend, save for a few pop-up showers in the afternoons. Temperatures are definitely back to summer-like for the first weekend in August and we’ll certainly feel the moisture as well. Hot, humid, and hazy will be the key words this weekend. A small shower or storm is not out of the question this afternoon or even tomorrow afternoon, despite the high pressure. Clouds will build from the heating and with the moisture in place, we could see some development. That being said, this will be garden variety pop-up t-showers with some heavy rain and a few strong wind gusts. Outdoor activities are a go for this weekend, but just keep an eye on the sky. If you see a dark cloud and hear thunder, head indoors and wait it out. A much more active weather pattern takes shape for the upcoming work week.