Drier, and Cooler, Days Ahead

Posted at 9:53 PM, Sep 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-09 21:53:56-04

Gordon is finally pulling away, and rain is starting to wrap up around the Bluegrass. We are tracking widespread rain to become more scattered across eastern counties in the hours before midnight. Stray showers will still be possible through Monday morning, but overall the drying process it beginning.

After a rainy weekend, it’s a taste of fall as you head back to work. High pressure will build behind the remnants of Gordon and a trailing cold front. Unfortunately, it won’t be as easy as a flip of a switch. It will be a slow process back to sunny, warm, and humid days. The gloom from the weekend will slip over into the start of the work week. We are tracking a cloudy, cool, “clammy” Monday with highs only in the low 70s. Temperatures will gradually warm up with increasing amounts of sunshine through mid-week. Full on summer – warm and humid, sunshine, and isolated storm chances – will return Friday. We are also keeping an eye on how Florence could impact our forecast.