The Weekend Ends with Rain for Florence

Posted at 2:36 PM, Sep 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-14 14:36:07-04

The forecast for the start of the weekend gets two thumbs up. We are tracking a dry evening for high school football, and a muggy afternoon for the Cats tomorrow. There may be a rogue shower to pops up Saturday afternoon, otherwise we are looking good.

Meanwhile, there’s Florence. Even hours after landfall the storm remained a Category 1 hurricane. The storm will continue to weaken as it moves further inland. Historic rainfall, catastrophic storm surges, and major inland flooding will make for dire situations across the Carolinas, especially North Carolina, as Florence crawls this weekend.

We can expect to see clouds then showers/rain from the storm on Sunday. The remnants will turn northward late Sunday, but there are still some uncertainties on how west or east everything will go​. Shifts in the track will result in wetter/drier conditions. Best chances for rain will be east of I-75. But a track farther to the west will bring more rain to the Bluegrass. Fortunately none of the possible tracks will result in a repeat of the deluge that we received from Gordon’s remnants last weekend.​ At the most the wettest areas will pick up one to two inches of rain through Tuesday evening.