From Gray to Rainy

Posted at 2:18 PM, Dec 13, 2018

What a gray day. Now things are about to get wetter. We are tracking a strong storm system that will lift out of Texas over the next two days.

Temperatures will be mild so it will just be rain this go around. Showers will track in from the south late tonight, and will continue off and on through early Sunday. The most widespread rain will fall during the day tomorrow. There’s the potential for some rumbles of thunder Friday night as the center of low pressure passes by just to the south of Kentucky. The rain will taper off during the first half of Sunday from west of east. Some of us may even squeeze in some sunshine before the weekend ends.

A healthy inch or so of rain will fall over this stretch. This will pad Lexington’s already record numbers for the year; Frankfort and Jackson will get closer to breaking their own yearly total precipitation records.