Chilly Start, Mild Finish Tomorrow

Posted at 2:27 PM, Jun 13, 2019

Today was not a very June-like day. It looked and felt more like April. The day began with clouds and passing showers. Then the sun came out, but it didn’t help to warm things up. This will end up being one of the coolest June 13th on record in Lexington. After an unseasonably cool day, we will see a chilly, near-record setting night. Under clear skies temperatures will fall into the mid to upper 40s. Lexington’s record low is 47°.

This up-and-down week will end on a really nice note. Friday will be mild with highs in the lower 70s with sunshine. High pressure will usher back in summertime over the weekend. Highs will return to the 80s and it will start getting humid again. Saturday will be your day to get yard work done, or for dad to get in a round of golf. Showers and storms will return on Father’s Day and hang around daily into next week.