A forecast we can all enjoy

Warm and comfortable this week
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Posted at 2:21 PM, Jun 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-15 14:21:04-04

Wonderful weather has moved in for the week and we can already feel the difference outside. It has been a warm, but comfortable day around Kentucky with only fair-weather cumulus decorating the sky. A breeze out of the north is also adding a nice touch. Conditions like this last through this week.

It has been a picture-perfect forecast today as heat and humidity were removed by a dry cold front last night. Now we get the benefits of cooler and drier air for a few days before changes begin. Tomorrow will go a lot like today, except with less cloud coverage. You can bet on clear to mostly clear skies both Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures will remain in the 50s each morning and near 80 degrees both days. Friday will be a little warmer and only slightly more humid, but still mostly comfortable.

Things change over the weekend with rain chances. We see them go up as the next storm system arrives. As the late-week high pressure breaks, a storm pattern will set up bringing us several fronts through the weekend and early next week. Rain showers and thunderstorms will enter the forecast again keeping things active for a while. If you’re planning to get out an about for Father’s Day (also the start of astronomical summer), it will not be a complete washout type of day. You’ll have chances to get out with dad, just make sure you have rain gear handy, just in case.