A somewhat quiet Sunday

Some will see rain, some will see sun
Posted at 7:37 AM, Feb 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-09 11:09:59-05

Sunday promises a split forecast across Kentucky. For now, everyone has mostly quiet conditions with only a light breeze out of the southeast at times. Temperatures remain cold and in the low 20s where we’ve lost some cloud coverage, and the low 30s where we still have a thick deck overhead, or some valley fog.

The split will last through the day thanks to a mostly stalled front encroaching from the west. Rain showers will be scattered across the Bluegrass and northern counties along with cloud coverage. The southern and eastern counties will have the opportunity to see a little more sunshine. Regardless, it’ll be a chilly or cold day reaching the low 50s in the sunshine, and the low to mid 40s under the clouds and rain. Rain showers will continue to push east later this evening and bring periods of heavy showers into the central corridor. Rain continues through Monday and Tuesday before a brief break. A second storm will bring a few waves as we move into the middle of the week. Temperatures will remain above freezing this week, meaning the precipitation will be of the liquid variety. Rain will add to the already high water of the south and southeastern counties, likely leading to more flood scenarios. Use caution this week and watch for high water. Remember to TURN AROUND if you encounter high water and find a new route home.