A whole lot of nothing

Sunny skies, no rain, as temperatures warm
Posted at 1:27 PM, Nov 02, 2020

Clear skies overnight let temperatures fall overnight. Lexington dropping to 24 degrees which is the coldest temperature recorded since February 29th. This afternoon will be chilly as temperatures struggle to get to 50 degrees. Wind is light or non-existent. Nothing showing up on the MaxTrack.

This week we recover from the cold air that settled into the region yesterday. Clear skies and light winds overnight were instrumental in letting temperatures plummet into hard freeze category. Temperatures dipped into the middle 20s for most in our forecast area. Some locations experienced the lower 20s, like Monticello. Moving forward, a large region of high pressure has been keeping most of the country quiet over the weekend. This region of high pressure will line up over us for the week. Skies will remain clear to mostly clear through Midweek. Temperatures will still get cold the next few nights and we should get close to 32 Tuesday morning (protect the plants for one more night). Temperatures in the afternoon will rebound nicely. We hit the upper 50s Tuesday afternoon, the upper 60s Friday afternoon, and the low 70s over the weekend. Chance for rain remains low through the weekend as well. Keeping tabs on Hurricane Eta making a landfall as a Major Hurricane in Nicaragua tonight or tomorrow morning. The storm will quickly lose strength as it moves further inland in Central America. The low looks to push back offshore into the Caribbean later in the week and that means it could potentially regenerate into a tropical system and impact parts of the U.S.