Activity returns to the forecast

Showers & storms for late week
Posted at 1:58 PM, Apr 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-07 18:40:31-04

A few showers have been noted on the radar so far today and more will flare up as we move later into the afternoon/evening. Clouds started as a broken overcast, but some sunshine has shown at times, making for another nice day, especially considering temperatures. Temperatures were crossing through the low 70s as early as 11:00 a.m. signaling another warm afternoon.

The showers and t-showers through this afternoon/evening will be garden variety. A small core of heavy rain mixed with some lightning and a breeze can be expected with the stronger storms. Others may pass as a small light to moderate shower. Most locations will get through today without a drop. The bulk of the t-showers will be west of I-65 and breaking down as they cross into the Bluegrass. As temperatures cool later today, showers will fizzle out. Turning to Thursday, the activity ramps up as a cold front arrives. The initial line of showers and thunderstorms will fade and break as it crosses the state, due to the arrival time being in the morning, when conditions are more stable. As the heating of the day continues, a round of showers and thunderstorms will flare up on the east side of the front. Depending on where it is positioned will determined who gets thunderstorms, and who just gets a few light showers.

The bulk of the thunderstorm activity is still expected to be east of I-75. These can be expected to produce heavy rain, lightning, and the occasional strong wind gust. Storms will wind down through the overnight hours into Friday. Friday will a small break in the action, but a few scattered showers are still possible, mainly east. A second storm system will bring showers and storms to us as we move through Saturday.