And boom…just like that...fall

Normal temps: from 10 above to 10 below
Posted at 4:53 PM, Oct 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-16 16:53:08-04

The first 15 days of October felt more like late summer with afternoon highs routinely reaching the middle to upper 70s and low 80s. Sunshine went with it making for great outdoor weather, but by no means a fall-like feeling. That has changed. Temperatures have cooled between 10-20 degrees from this time yesterday and highs will be about 20 degrees cooler this afternoon compared to yesterday. Fall has arrived on the back of a strong cold front that brought bouts of heavy rain through the afternoon of Friday and overnight into today.

Those of you who wanted sweater weather back…enjoy. Showers have left the state, along with most of the cloud coverage. Now we get to enjoy plenty of sunshine moving forward with cooler than normal temperatures for a few days. We will start a climb back to normal early in the work week and will reach normal and a few degrees above by midweek. Another (weaker) cold front arrives on Thursday upping the rain chances slightly but bringing the 70s back down to the low 60s as we move into next weekend.