Another heat wave inbound

Nice for early week before temperatures rise
Posted at 1:30 PM, Jul 13, 2020

Things have been pleasant today thanks to the cold front yesterday. Cooler temperatures this morning, mixed with drier air made for an early summer or even late spring feeling. Temperatures are still on track to get warm today, but still below our daily normal of 86 degrees. Otherwise, skies remain mostly clear with only a few decorator cumulus building from the heat of the day.

The early part of the week will be the more pleasant feeling to the air; especially the rest of today and tomorrow morning. Our attention will be turning to the second heat wave of the summer with a strong region of high pressure slowly moving our direction. So far, the high has been bringing triple digit heat to the four corners and Texas with several days of record temperatures falling. This intense heat will spread across the lower half of the country before it breaks. We will already have a temperature boost starting tomorrow afternoon which will put us square with normal, or pretty close. On Wednesday expect temperatures to once again reach the 90s as humidity really starts to crank up. You may remember last week, when we were touching 90 each afternoon with stifling humidity and a daily storm chance. That scenario will happen again at the end of the week with temperatures remaining in the 90-degree range with a daily chance for isolated to scattered thunderstorms. This heat wave looks to last into next week.