Warm with storms for Memorial Day

Scattered storms expected on a warm day
Posted at 4:40 AM, May 25, 2020

Things are starting on a quiet note this morning with clouds overhead or some in the river valleys. Temperatures are mild in the 60s and the wind is light out of the southeast. We’ve lost the rain and storms of yesterday, but we will get another round later today. More information in your full StormTracker Forecast.

It’s pretty much rinse and repeat for Memorial Day thanks to the stagnant pattern we sit in. The Bermuda High as settled in over the Southeast directing all low-pressure systems around us. This means a lot of the same, at least until the high breaks down. So, expect a lot of what we’ve seen recently. Morning temperatures starting in the middle to upper 60s, warming into the low to middle 80s each afternoon. Daily storm chances that range from isolated to scattered. These storms will consist of heavy rain, gusty winds, and occasional small hail. As the temperature lowers in the evening, the storms fizzle out and disappear. This pattern stays constant through the end of the week. We finally see a break in the high around Friday, which will let a cold front get close. This means a better chance for rain and thunderstorms, but the reward will be worth it. Higher pressure (not the Bermuda) will settle in over the area, bringing cooler temperatures in the middle to upper 70s and more importantly, lower humidity. We have a sunny and comfortable weekend coming up.