Another round of pop-up storms

Isolated heavy rain and lightning
Posted at 3:40 PM, Jul 06, 2021

Isolated pop-up pulse storms have been seen on the MaxTrack since the late morning hours. Some have grown into mature and strong thunderstorms, while other fizzled out quickly. The stronger storms, like the one that developed over east Lexington around noon put down some heavy rain. A FLOOD ADVISORY was in effect earlier in the afternoon. If you’re not benefiting from the rain-cooled air, it’s another hot and humid summer day.

High pressure still controls the forecast today which will limit widespread storm potential. Instead, the showers and thunderstorms that do pop-up will be isolated in nature. The areas they form over will get a decent washing, like Lexington did earlier in the afternoon. Areas a few miles away could remain totally dry. Surface and low-level winds are light or calm this afternoon which will lead to slow or non-existent storm movement. Because of this, flooding is possible, both areal and flash. You’ll have to be under one of the stronger and stagnant storms to see any significant flooding today. Still, be aware that you might come across high water covering roadways. Best not to chance it and turn around to find an alternate route. Pop-ups will continue through the evening hours and taper off through the evening and overnight. These are daytime heat driven storms, so when we lose the heating, we lose the storms.

As high pressure continues to break down over the coming days, the coverage for storms will become more scattered or even widespread. Thursday still seems to be the best chance for rain and storms this week. This pattern does not break for a while. We’ll have daily rain and thunderstorm chances through the coming weekend and into next week.