Back and forth weekend

Changing precipitation types several times
Posted at 6:36 AM, Jan 30, 2021

We’re in for an interesting weekend with multiple types of precipitation changing back and forth several times. For now, we start quiet with mostly clear skies and cold temperatures. Temperatures are well below freezing due to the clearing and the snow on the ground. Wind chill values are running in the teens and even single digits for some.

Looking ahead to this afternoon. A warm front will be lifting northeast around this time frame bringing the first chance for winter weather. This will be a brief hit with mostly rain as the precipitation type, but right before the front passes, temperatures will cool to near freezing as the sun it is setting. This will allow some winter mix (sleet and snow) to filter in for a line stretching from Louisville, southeast to Harlan. This winter mix line will change more to snow as it moves closer to the Ohio River, but accumulations will be minor. Up to an inch of snow is possible for our northeastern counties, whereas everyone else gets trace amounts and more rain than anything. As the front crosses the state, rain takes over as the only form of precipitation overnight and through tomorrow. The first cold front will bring scattered rain showers through the day Sunday, but not much. Instead it will be a mild-ish day with temperatures getting to 50 degrees, despite cloud coverage due to continued warm air moving in from the passing low. A second blast of cold air will arrive on Monday and that will bring the next changeover. Rain showers will change back over to winter weather Sunday evening through Monday morning. Snow showers will then take over as the dominant form of precipitation, Monday morning and for the rest of the day. As temperatures warm in the afternoon, some rain may mix in, but it will be more snow than rain for the day. Accumulations will be minor, but another 0.5” to 2” of collection is possible for Monday.