Back in it

Widespread rain kicks off the work week
Posted at 3:04 PM, Mar 15, 2021

Rain showers are focused on our forecast area with most places getting at least light rain this afternoon/evening. Only a few select spots have clouds with no rain, but that luxury is hard to come by. Heavier rain returns are showing up in some locations. It is also a pretty breezy day with wind gusts running in the 20-30 mph range. Temperatures are either cold or mild depending on where your winds are coming from.

We’ll keep rain showers going for the evening and overnight as the front pushes through. Areas west and along I-75 will lose rain this evening, with areas east of I-75 losing the showers in the overnight hours. Afterwards, clouds hang tough through the morning of Tuesday, but eventually start to erode. We will have a mix of sun and clouds through Tuesday afternoon providing a break in the action. The real treat will be the temperature boost with a southwesterly wind kicking temperatures up to near 70 by the afternoon. It will be a nice day. Wednesday will also be mostly free of rain and warmer than normal by about 10 degrees. The next bout of rain moves in Wednesday afternoon/evening and continues through the end of the work week. We’ll add another 1” to 2” of rainfall with the second storm as rain continues off and on through Friday morning. Temperatures will have an easier time cooling as we drop to 50 Friday afternoon. However, a rebound in temperatures can be expected over the weekend with plenty of sunshine.