Back into the soup

Scattered rain and storms through midweek
Posted at 2:45 PM, Sep 01, 2020

Despite showers making an appearance this morning, Tuesday has been a “break” in the action. Most of the day it’s been considerable cloud coverage and patchy/dense fog. As we continue through the afternoon and evening, some mixing has allowed sunshine through warming areas up into the 80s. With all of the moisture around, it’s soupy outside.

Later this evening, a dying storm complex will arrive in our forecast area. Showers may still be heavy and there may still be lightning popping off. Strong wind gusts are still possible with the wave, but once again, it will be weakening as it rolls by. Wednesday will consist of another low-pressure center which will bring in another decent chance for rain showers and thunderstorms. These will likely pack more of a punch and we could see a few isolated instances of severe wind gusts. Otherwise, it will just be scattered heavy rain and lightning. This rain will be falling on areas that have already had a few inches since the weekend, so flooding will be easier to achieve under the stronger cell. We also have a pretty saturated air mass overhead, that will lead to high rainfall rates at times. Bottom line…watch for high water through Friday. Flooding will most likely remain on the minor scale, but it could still cause problems for motorists. The reward for all of this active weather will be the cooler and drier air that will scoot in over Labor Day weekend. Sunshine is expected as high pressure settles in. Temperatures will drop into the upper 70s and low 80s, but more importantly, dew point temperatures fall into the 50s. This will make things look and feel good all weekend!