Back to a nice forecast

Sunshine returns with warming temps
Posted at 6:42 AM, Sep 26, 2021

Mostly clear skies for most this morning, except for those seeing ground fog. The MaxTrack is clear, but mist and drizzle possible from the low-lying clouds in the south and southeast. Temperatures are starting on the cool side, so you may want a light jacket if heading out the door early. Shed it this afternoon as we reach the low 70s in the sun.

So Saturday wasn’t the prettiest weekend day we’ve seen recently, but it wasn’t terrible either. Clouds were abundant as the weak cold front passed and showers fell in most of the state. We only picked up a few hundredths of an inch for most. Only one location made it to one tenth. Before the sun set on the day, clouds were already breaking apart making for a nice end to an otherwise gloomy Saturday. Now we can focus on a more “user friendly” forecast. Skies have already cleared overhead for most everyone. Ground fog will be an issue for those in southern and southeastern counties.

After the fog lifts and clears, skies will remain mostly clear for everyone through the entire afternoon. A weak disturbance will bring in partly cloudy skies as the sun sets in Northern Kentucky. We remain mostly clear through the early part of the work week with temperatures getting a nice boost. A warm front/southerly wind flow scenario sets up and brings our afternoon highs back to late-summer standards. Temperatures will soar into the low 80s for a few afternoons. The low carrying the warm and cold front will take a run at us Tuesday. Most of the difference will be in looks, as clouds increase through the day. A few light and isolated showers may develop, but dry air at the surface will make it hard for the rain to reach the ground. Better and drier weather sticks with us through next weekend.