Beautiful blue skies

Sunshine continues into the weekend
Posted at 1:59 PM, May 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-12 18:52:40-04

High pressure is controlling the forecast now and that is evident by the blue skies overhead. The position of the high pressure is still to our northwest, keeping our surface winds out of the northeast. This is why temperatures aren’t warming much, despite the sun. We will be in the mild 60s this afternoon, but it was a slow climb to get there; especially after the cold morning start in the 30s.

Looking ahead, the only real changes to the forecast will be the slow climb out of the 60s and back to more seasonable temperatures. We do have another morning where frost is possible. It will not be everywhere. Expect only patchy frost tomorrow morning. Most temperatures will stay in the upper 30s or low 40s for the morning lows. We will warm into the upper 60s for Friday and then into the 70s for the weekend. Rain chances remain low through all of it. Isolated showers are possible on Sunday afternoon, but don’t expect much. The better chances (if you can call them that) for rain will be early in the week as a warm front lifts near us. Showers and thunderstorms are possible, mostly in isolated fashion. Temperatures continue to warm to near 80 degrees by midweek.