Beginning to thaw

Getting back up above freezing
Posted at 6:32 AM, Jan 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-30 06:32:19-05

Temperatures have been struggling since the end of last week thanks to the cold front and snow. We stayed below freezing from later in the day Friday into this morning, and we still have several hours to go before we get up above the 32-degree mark. A weak clipper is trying to put some flakes down in some of our forecast area. You might see a few flurries drop through the morning hours, but accumulation is not expected.

As the clipper leaves the state later this morning, the small amount of moisture it has will leave as well. This will allow for more sunshine through the middle and later part of the daylight hours. Sunshine will be nice, and with a southerly wind, we will have a chance to finally warm up above freezing. Temperatures will still be on the cold side, but a high temperature near 40 degrees with some sunshine will start to melt off some of the snow, especially on the pavement.

The thawing process continues tomorrow with temperatures warming again to around 40 degrees under plenty of sunshine as high pressure continues. The middle and end of the work week are looking suspect. A big-time winter system is looking to bring a variety of weather conditions to the Plains and Midwest. There will be a clear line between rain and snow and wherever that line sets up, icing could become a dangerous situations.

The forecast will go through several changes between now and then, so right now it’s best to be watching for major updates. For sure, the warm air before the storm will allow for more thawing before a big cool down late week.