Better weather for the weekend

Skies clearing, temperatures warming
Posted at 5:32 AM, May 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-28 12:31:31-04

A three-day rain & storm event has come to an end over the Ohio River Valley as the last of a slow-moving low finally moved out of Kentucky. Temperatures suffered a bit only reaching the low 70s yesterday. Now that the low has moved out, we can start to move back to a normal (and eventually above normal) pattern.

Low clouds blanket the region thanks to the increased surface moisture the last few days. Fog doesn’t seem to be a large issue across the state this morning, but there’s certainly some out there. Mostly it’s low-lying clouds about 900’ above the ground. This cloud deck will be breaking apart slowly, but enough to let in sunshine as we gain heating through the day.

The only precipitation expected today is a small bit of residual rain leaving the southeast this morning and some low-cloud drizzle or mist. These showers will be light and should only dampen roads a bit. As the clouds lift and break, the chance for precipitation lowers to almost nothing.

The rest of Memorial Day weekend and the holiday will feature an increase in sunshine, with temperatures warming quickly through the dayparts. Temperatures will blow right past normal to the middle 80s Sunday and into the upper 80s Monday. 90 will be a temperature talked about at least a few times this coming week. Next best chance for rain doesn’t arrive until Thursday.