Better weather inbound

Losing the showers/storms for a bit
Posted at 6:18 AM, Jul 18, 2021

A few light showers are all that’s left of a night full of heavy showers. Flooding was a concern for many areas due to the quick-rising water. Now, we sit with cloudy skies waiting for the end of the active pattern to arrive. Temperatures are mild this morning.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms through Saturday and overnight dumped quite a bit of rain around the forecast area. Flooding was the primary concern for those caught under the showers and several flood alerts including flash flood warnings were issued die to rapidly rising water levels. In the morning hours, shower intensity lessened allowing water to lower, and all alerts have been canceled or have expired. Now, we wait for the next round, which will be less in coverage than what we had yesterday. Scattered rain and storms will flare up from the heating today, but the front is in the southern Lakes and Southeastern regions of the state. This is where the bulk of the activity will be today. With it will be another few heavy downpours. Again, if you get caught under one, watch for high water.

The Bluegrass and I-64 corridor will be mostly free of rain today, with gradual clearing in the clouds. Temperatures will be down with humidity being cut making for a more comfortable feeling. The beginning and middle of the week look prime for summer weather. Sunshine returns with very little in the way of rain chances. Temperatures will soar back to normal and humidity slowly creeps back in by late week.