Big rebound

Breezy winds bring warm air…for now
Posted at 8:28 AM, Dec 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-27 08:28:06-05

It’s mostly clear and cold across the area. That being said, we’re much warmer than this time yesterday. Instead of temperatures near 10 degrees and wind chills near zero. We’re 20 degrees warmer on both sets of temperatures. Nothing on the MaxTrack and visibility looks good.

Temperatures are running cold again this morning, which is expected. But if you compare them to this time yesterday, we are nearly 25 degrees warmer in some locations. This warmup is the result of a southerly wind flow that started yesterday and will continue today. This will allow temperatures to rebound into the nice and mild 50s this afternoon. The MaxTrack remains clear, waiting on our next low to pass by. As we arrive into Monday morning, the front will finally scoot in. Cloud coverage increases today ahead of the front. A few light and scattered rain showers are possible early Monday morning, but don’t expect much. Clouds will decrease through late Monday and we keep things quite through Tuesday. The middle of the week and New Year’s looks rather interesting. A set of deep lows will progress through the Southeast and Midwest during this time frame. Rain showers are possible late Wednesday, but like last week, most of the day remain dry. The first low, being northerly will only send cold front our direction bringing rain showers through the day on Thursday. Temperatures will start to drop as the front tries to pass which could bring some wintry precipitation on the back end of the front…sound familiar? However, what sets this storm apart is the second low. This low is further south and will be attached to the initial cold front via a warm front. As this feature lifts, it looks to block the wintry precipitation and keep temperatures above freezing going into Friday. Rain will continue widespread and heavy at times for the first day of 2021. Naturally, a lot will change with this storm, but at this point, snow is looking less likely.