Blasting off into summer heat (and humidity)

Hot, humid, but mostly rain-free
Posted at 9:30 AM, Jul 04, 2021

This morning starts on the mild end again with a comfortable feeling to the air. Temperatures are running warmer but almost 10 degrees in some locations, despite the lack of cloud coverage this morning. Morning fog may be an issue for some in the river valleys of Southern Kentucky, as the ground is still pretty saturated. The MaxTrack is clear and is expected to remain that way again for your Fourth of July.

It was another wonderful weather day Saturday with temperatures mostly residing in the 70s and even a record morning low set in Lexington at 53 degrees. This cooler than normal airmass made for an almost springtime feeling, especially with humidity levels down. Some fair-weather cumulus popped up but produced no rain. Your Independence Day forecast will go off much like yesterday, except that we’re adding more heat and a small amount of humidity. Temperatures will go back up into the mid-80s this afternoon, thanks to the building of high pressure. Despite the warm and slightly humid day, this is typical summer weather for this time of the year. The lack of rain will make it a good one for spending time outdoors.

Heat continues to build as winds shift out of the southwest tomorrow bringing temperature back up to near or over 90 degrees. With that extra heat comes extra humidity, especially through the day Tuesday. Rain showers are expected to hold off until the middle of the week with the next front arriving on Thursday. Rain chances will be higher late-week and into the weekend.