Changes begin

Storm pattern sticks around this week
Posted at 5:07 AM, Mar 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-09 14:04:33-04

We’re beginning the transition to a more active weather pattern that will remain with us through the week. For now, the main difference is the warmer morning. Temperatures will rise from the 40s to the middle 60s by the afternoon thanks to the persistent southwesterly flow. Clear skies this morning allowed us to see the full super worm moon.

Yesterday was wonderful. A breeze kept things chilly at times, but in the sunshine, the middle 60s ended up as an early spring treat. I hope you had a chance to enjoy it. Active weather is on approach and will take over through the extended period. Today begins the transition. Clouds will increase through the day, especially the early afternoon signaling an increase in moisture. That moisture is the “fuel” for the rounds of rain that will arrive late Monday for the I-65 corridor and overnight into Tuesday for the rest of Central and Eastern Kentucky. A few storms are possible as the cold front passes, but we’re not expecting anything more than garden variety with the frontal passage. For the entire week the pattern will resemble “one on, one off” meaning we get a day that brings a front, or a low that ups the chance for rain and storms. Then, we get a day with lower chances for rain after the front passes. The reason we stay in this looping pattern is due to each storm being attached to the next one in progression. Luckily, there is no indication of any air mass dislodging from the arctic. Therefore, a large cool down is not expected. Temperature remain above or around average for the next 8 days.