Warming for the first days of winter

Temperatures are on the upswing into winter
Posted at 4:27 AM, Dec 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-20 04:34:41-05

There’s not a lot happening in the weather for a while. High pressure looks to dominate the region, keeping us warmer than normal and mostly dry. Only a few features are even worth mentioning. As for now, we’re mostly calm and cold. Temperatures have dipped below freezing and the wind chill is set up in the low 20s.

As we wrap up the last week of fall 2019, a trend is beginning. Temperatures will warm into the weekend and continue into the Christmas holiday thanks to a pronounced ridge of high pressure. The cold mornings will eventually turn into chilly ones, a chilly afternoons become mild. Sunny skies will be the norm, instead of the exception. The only real “feature” worth looking at is an upper-level low sliding across the Southeast this weekend. This will be the only rain-maker we get for a while, and it’s not going to be impressive. Despite the low moving close by, the temperature soars into the 50s for the weekend making for nice, chilly, outdoor weather. Clouds will increase as the storm draws near. The bulk of the rain will fall offshore in the Gulf and Western Atlantic, but the Florida interior is looking to pick up a decent amount of rain. We are on the northern fringe meaning we will see very little of the rainfall. A few quarters of an inch are possible as the system drags by on Monday. However, this will only be seen in the extreme southeastern counties. Temperatures will rise to near 60 degrees or touching by Christmas Eve. No signs of a white Christmas, but you’ll certainly get to spend this one outdoors (if that’s what you do).