Cleaning up after an unusual December storm

Wind damage and a tornado
Posted at 3:41 PM, Dec 06, 2021

After a rare December severe event, things are mostly quiet, and certainly cold. This cold front was a big deal in the fact that it was transporting so much cold air, we were going to drop temperatures 30 degrees in just a few days. The fact that we got so warm before it arrived, signaled that it was going to be a turbulent pass through. Showers started in a scattered fashion and pretty benign late Sunday night. A few of the isolated cells were pushing severe limits with strong wind gusts, and some rotation. Dozens reported downed trees and power lines due to the strong winds.

The squall line sliced through around 4:00 am for the Bluegrass and this is where some of the worst action occurred. One area in the line showed minor rotation before and while reaching Stamping Ground, Kentucky. This rotation reached ground level and brought peak winds of 95 mph, flipping a mobile home, and downing more trees and powerlines.

The tornado was short-lived and only had a path of a quarter of a mile but was enough to cause structure damage. Now, we have some time to clean up the debris and damage before the next round of rain arrives. Tuesday will remain quiet but cold. Temperatures will remain in the 20s and low 30s much of the day with a peak in the mid-30s expected.

Wednesday, a small wave of low pressure will slide in and try to bring a wintry mix to us in the morning hours. As of now, snow amounts look to be minor, but flakes could certainly fly and even collect for a brief time before we warm back into the low 40s in the afternoon. Thursday will be another quiet and even mild day before better chances for rain arrive late week.