Cloudy with a (small) chance for showers

Mostly dry for Wednesday
Posted at 4:38 AM, Mar 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-11 06:33:31-04

Rain has mostly taken a break, but that’s not to say there won’t be a few showers to contend with for your Wednesday. As of now, we’re mostly cloudy with a few drizzle or light rain showers around. The biggest change to the forecast has been the addition of fog. Visibility will be lowest in river valleys this morning. Most locations are just dealing with some haze. Temperatures are either mild or chilly depending on your wind direction.

We just started the active pattern and I’m already sick of it. Problem is, it doesn’t seem to want to let up anytime soon. Most of your Wednesday will just be cloudy and eventually mild. Drizzle or mist is a possibility as long as we have the low-lying cloud coverage across the region this morning. As the clouds lift, the rain chance will lower, but will spike a little this evening with a weak trough passing us. Don’t expect much out of this batch. Through the day Thursday, Temperatures will warm nicely, and moisture will permeate the region. This sets the stage for a round of rain and thunderstorms late Thursday evening through Friday morning. Friday will feature departing rain showers, but yet another cloudy day. I wish I had better news to tell you, but the 8-day consists of at least a small chance for rain every day through mid-next week, if not beyond. If you need some positive however, temperatures remain mild through the 8-day and we could even be seeing our first 70-degree high temperature since January…which is also a weird thing to say…but positive nonetheless.