Cold and uneventful

Below normal for a while
Posted at 2:24 PM, Jan 05, 2021

The bulk of the rain has passed with the weak and departing cold front. Winds have shifted out of the west-northwest bringing in cooler air. In the middle of today, temperatures had dropped 10-15 degrees from 24 hours before, signaling the cool air mass spreading in. Now we stick with cool air as we also take a break from the action. Clouds will remain thick overnight with little clearing. This will not prevent air temperatures from falling into the middle 20s for the morning low on Wednesday. As we enter the daylight hours, mostly cloudy skies will become partly cloudy as higher pressure arrives and passes. It will not be a completely sunny day but will promise more than what today has afforded us.

Things stay uneventful through midweek despite a low moving closer. Cloud coverage will increase Wednesday evening as the next storm system closes in. This one will be passing to our south and will take most of the precipitation in that direction. We could squeeze out a few light rain or snow showers in southern counties Friday, but the chance looks to be pretty low. Still, prepare for the end of the week, as you would if there may be a few light showers from time to time. After the late-week low passes, we get enough high pressure to bring a little more sunshine over the weekend. Temperatures will remain cold and we will not even make it to 40 degrees late week or over the coming weekend. We remain cold into next week with another weak system trying to work in Monday, but again, precipitation looks to be limited.