Cooling it down, storms still firing

Active weather continues for a while
Posted at 5:47 AM, Aug 14, 2021

A line of rain extending through the Bluegrass yesterday brought heavy bouts of rain and some flooding to the forecast area. The line barely seemed to move allowing some areas to see several inches of rain, whereas other spots barely making an inch. Most of the overnight period has been rain-free letting the water levels subside before the very active week we have in store.

As for today, expect activity mostly in the afternoon. Scattered rain and thunderstorms, mostly in the southern counties as that’s where the front will be closest to this afternoon. For those not getting rain, expect a warm and humid day under partly cloudy skies. Despite the front leaving tomorrow, enough low pressure will be left behind to keep activity brewing. Rain will be likely both Sunday and Monday as a trough of low pressure sits over the region. Thunderstorms will be more likely in the afternoons but will still be possible (and expected) Sunday and Monday mornings.

Rain chances remain high midweek as we are expecting the remnants of Fred, the tropical system that has been struggling in the Atlantic for the last few days. It is expected to reach tropical storm strength as it arrives in Florida’s Panhandle, and then weaken as it moves north, eventually into Kentucky. The biggest impact from the remnants will be an abundance of rain.