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A Beauty of a Week Ahead

Drying out for a change
Posted at 9:47 PM, Jun 13, 2021

After a very active weekend with heavy rain causing flash flooding plus some strong thunderstorms, we finally call it quits on the action and turn to a more calm weather pattern. Tonight, expect any leftover shower to not have any severe properties to it. We did receive not only very heavy rain yesterday and today, but some of the heaviest amounts we've seen for a short period of time. Western Scott county was one of those hard hit areas that picked up 3" to 4.5" of rain in a matter of 3 hours. This caused flash flooding for almost half of the county which spread down toward Midway as well. We have no more warnings or advisories in place now and as we look ahead to the new work week, much nicer weather is coming.

Expect plenty of sunshine starting Monday. The cold front will not do its job of cooling us off until Tuesday. By Tuesday we will notice a significantly more comfortable feel outside as humidity levels will drop. Temperatures will then return to the 70s for three days. Later in the week, we'll see the heat pick back up into the low/mid 80s which will then fire up a few more shower and thunderstorm chances by late Friday. Until then, enjoy the fantastic weather!