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Colder start to November

Temperatures will hang in the mid 40s soon
Posted at 5:05 PM, Oct 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-31 17:05:39-04

The second half of our weekend has been better than the first as we have seen just a bit more sunshine today which helped temperatures up into the upper 50s and some even into the low 60s. The weekend will wrap up with dry conditions and some sky-clearing as we head into the night. Temperatures will take a pretty good dip though down into the upper 30s. Frost can't be ruled out early morning for the lower valley areas. Monday and the first day of November looks just fine as we'll welcome more sun than today, but a weak cold front will pass through the night which will keep our temperatures cool and winds out of the northwest. Highs Monday afternoon will only be in the mid 50s. A stray shower is possible late Monday into Tuesday morning.

You'll need to dig out the coats and keep them out as we roll on through the week. Chances for rain showers will begin again toward mid and late week. It is possible, and some models suggest that there may be a snowflake or two trying to mix in with some rain drops especially in the overnight stretches or early morning hours through Friday. High temperatures will likely only reach the mid 40s for most of this week while lows will camp out near freezing most nights. If you want to keep your outdoor plants around a bit longer, you may want to plan to cover them. We have our eye on another potential system coming toward next weekend, but for now, things look mostly dry with highs back near 50 degrees.