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Dueling Air Masses This Week

Warmth wins out here at home
Posted at 2:36 PM, Oct 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-21 20:30:58-04

The fight is on this week as two air masses will go toe-to-toe across the U.S. We've been warming up after a rainy start to the week. Temperatures have already been pushing up into the mid/upper 70s this afternoon with some sun and we have a couple more days of this warmth still to come. Thursday's highs will be near 80 degrees and that should be our peak of the week. That will place the Ohio Valley between 10 and 20 degrees above average. The cold front will continue to camp out over the Midwest keeping the cold air in the Dakotas from digging south. But, eventually, that same front will finally move through Kentucky on Friday.

As the front drives through, rain and storm chances really increase Friday and Saturday. High temperatures will dip to the upper 60s on Friday, but they don't stay there long. Behind that front, another round of warmth moves in by Monday next week. Shower and storm chances then remain in the 8 day forecast.