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Fabulous Monday ahead

Full sun with warmer air
Posted at 5:06 PM, Mar 20, 2022

What a terrific start to the spring season as vernal equinox occurred at 11:33 am. The sun is now directly over the equator and we've seen it's full effects today. Now, we will be in the season where it will be much easier to get a sunburn and you will also notice the trees blooming and grass greening up now. Spring at its finest will occur tomorrow with much of the same type of weather only we'll warm it up just a bit more toward the 70 degree mark.

Dry weather will persist through part of Tuesday, but another strong low pressure is brewing west and will be here by Tuesday night and into Wednesday. The chance for strong storms will be most likely for the Gulf Coast in Mississippi and Louisiana, but we could see a few strong ones too. Heavy rain is anticipated along with temperatures staying in the 60s through Wednesday.

The cold front following the storms and rain will send us into the 40s by late week and even next weekend. Overall, the start of the work week will be your best chance to get to enjoy the outdoors.