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Feeling like winter today

Cold with wind and flurries
Posted at 6:38 AM, Mar 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-26 06:38:02-04

It's a battle of the seasons overnight and today as a cold front pushed some energy our direction and many across our area saw some thundershowers complete with snow, ice and even some hail mixed in at times overnight! There is enough cold air up in the atmosphere that some of it fell as ice or even hail and I had a tiny bit of sleet or snow on the ground as I left home. You may have even heard thunder last night. Snow isn't rare for this time of March, but the combination is! Lexington picked up almost two tenths of an inch of precipitation.

We will calm down in some ways today as we begin to dry back out, but the wind will really pick up. Gusts could get up to 40 mph at times today so you will want to secure the loose items outdoors. The air will stay chilly all day too...highs barely into the 40s north, but with more sun, the south should see the mid 40s. Tonight we will drop to the mid 20s making for a cold start to Sunday, but more sun tomorrow will help to warm us up into the 40s again.

This cool blast will carry us all the way into the start of the work week, but warmer air comes back by Tuesday. A couple of nice, sunny and dry days will take us through Wednesday with highs soaring up into the mid 70s! The big warm-up will be determined by the speed of the next low pressure coming in. Following the warmth, rain and thunderstorms will arrive Wednesday night and Thursday as we finish up the month of March.