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Winter's chill is back

30-Degree temperature drop
Posted at 4:56 AM, Feb 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-18 12:43:54-05

It has been an active past 24 hours with heavy rain and even some flooding taking shape plus the very strong winds we've had to deal with. Heavy rain fell all across the state and many did receive between 1 and 2 inches which was what we were predicting. The Bluegrass Airport came in at a whopping 2.8 inches just in the past 24 hours! All of the Flood Warnings and Wind Advisories have expired and we are left with a much different feel as that cold air has settled in over us. You will certainly need the winter coat again today. Temperatures are only in the low 30s to upper 20s now so that places us around 30 degrees colder than this time Thursday! We'll only see the slightest of warm-ups today, but it does come with sun later on.

The weekend is looking nice as we welcome full sunshine back thanks to high pressure moving in. Today will be fully dry aside from a very stray snow flurry early on. A much weaker cold front will slip through tonight and that will keep us cold into Saturday, but we still won't see any snow or rain for that matter. Sunday will both look and feel nice as a bit more warmth moves in...high temperatures will be to the mid 50s then we're looking for the low 60s again by Monday. Of course, with the warmth comes another shot at rain and even a couple of thunderstorms by Tuesday.