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Heavy Rain Inbound Tonight

Rounds of showers and storms last through Sunday
Posted at 5:10 PM, Sep 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-12 17:10:19-04

So far today we have seen a couple of scattered showers and some of those have been very heavy dropping a couple of tenths of an inch and a very short amount of time. This is exactly what we can expect as we roll through the next day or so as the heaviest of the rain has yet to fall. A cold front will begin to push into the area and that will produce a line of potentially very heavy rain especially where thunderstorms begin to train. A pretty wide range of rainfall amounts are possible. Many will see around 1 inch, but some spots in south central KY could pick up as much as 3 inches.

In the wake of the front temperatures will begin to dip a little bit more and the mugginess in the atmosphere will drop slightly as well. The cold front will also help to clear us out for Sky conditions. Heading into Monday through at least Tuesday of next week we will see plenty of sunshine but by the time we work our way into late week the chance to see a few more showers return especially as Sally, which is a tropical storm now, will begin to make its way up the Gulf of Mexico and into the deep south by Thursday afternoon. We could pick up some heavy rain from this but there is still uncertainty of the track.