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Hot Week to End with More Storms

Drier Air Follows Cold Front
Posted at 3:33 PM, Jul 09, 2020

It's been just a hot week, but a cold front on Friday will bring us a tiny bit of relief. Many of us will still see the activity wane tonight before the front brings back the showers and storms tomorrow, afternoon. Just like the past couple of days, a chance to see a stronger storm pulse is there especially with temperatures still expected into the upper 80s. We love a cold front in the summer for the fact that it typically brings at least some kind of relief after a stretch of hot and very humid weather. This front will provide lower dew point temperatures, but not a significant drop in high temps. We'll still run about the mid 80s for the weekend.

Next week, the heat is back, but this time it will be mostly sunny with fewer rain and thunderstorm chances. The sticky air will also accompany the warm-up Tuesday through Friday at least.