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Humidity Plus Rain for Thursday

But not as hot
Posted at 2:54 PM, Aug 18, 2021

We don't reside in the tropics, but it is certainly feeling tropical out there today with dew points into the 70s again and lots of moisture making it feel much hotter. Scattered rain showers and a few thunderstorms are southwest of us, but it's possible we still see a stray shower pushing into the evening hours. The leftovers of Fred are continuing to roll out of KY and head northeast after dropping a good amount of rain over eastern KY causing some flooding issues. The moisture will stay put in the form of humidity over the next several days, and rain chances return tomorrow, but it won't be as hot (highs around 80°). Expect rain showers likely by morning and picking up in both coverage and intensity into the afternoon especially for southern KY.

As a high pressure begins to near on Friday, our rain and storm chances will drop off some as we see a bit more sun. We are watching the tropics, too, as we have two systems to discuss. Grace is currently a category 1 hurricane and moving west toward Mexico expecting to continue west and hopefully not impact the U.S. Next is Tropical Storm Henri which is out at sea and will move around Bermuda before heading northeast and likely staying out at sea, but becoming a hurricane. The next several days will be full of moisture both in the form of humidity and rain, but next week does look nicer and drier, but still with high temperatures in the upper 80s.